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You don't have to wait for a Kickstarter or for 
a tip jar. Now you can support the artists you love with just a click.


Traditonal music distribution model = broken.
Great music experience ≠ financial rewards for the creators.
 Music is the soundtrack of our lives so let's change the status quo
and help creators leave a legacy.


new music

Find amazing artists / bands from around the globe
and enjoy the great music at your fingertips.

1. Discover

Tap on your favourite genres and discover new tracks from artists / bands from around the globe.

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If you love what they have created just give them your money and help them leave a legacy. 

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When you reward you unlock premium content.

4. Enjoy

Because it's all about how you feel inside.


They will thank you tons!

As a special fan you will get lots of premium content. A personalized thank you messages, new songs, mixes, behind the scenes, interviews and entire albums.